Bitcoin is a sophisticated setup...

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Bitcoin is a sophisticated setup to locate, disclose and dismantle the global hackers, hactivists, eco-activists network. Here are some important questions and some answers. I just used common sense wisdom and I wish I am not right.


1. Creator Satoshi Nakamoto is a fictitious person whose name leads us intentionally to Japan. The majority of world's population consider Japanese as the computer experts and freaks, etc. So the name is created on our mental/racial stereotype. The creator did not want to reveal his identity althought there is no rational reason not to do it and moreover it causes more problems with registration, patents, legalizing profit, etc. Who wants to invest in technology field based in secrecy? Who wants to keep, in secret, a perfect idea and perfect job even after it is successful and profitable? Profit was not first and most important for this system. The question then becomes, what was it? If it is not an open source code software, if there is a back door like fake randomized algorithm, we are all doomed. This, I fear is the rational and honest reason for bitcoins to exist.

2. It is obvious that it was not a single person job. Bitcoin was obviously created by group of people. Its implementation was supported by big shots from Google and other large groups. It could have been a task from the agency. If a bunch of creative programmers can keep the secret it must be a "special" group or the secret is essential for this group. Secrecy is essential for secret agencies and secret missions, not for profit driven companies or people.

3. Blockchain or whatever run through the net is always a string of symbols. It might seem to keep your anonymity, protection using cryptography, Tor, etc. but there are no objection for the code holder or as I mentioned before something might be wrong in the core. It is easy for surveillance agencies to select exactly these strings as they will always have certain parameters the same and thus identify the connection in between people. There is no need to decrypt the content. The connections are more important. Further identification of BTC users can be made by other technological means like primitive cell phone location identifiers, IP sniffers, Narus... the list seems limitless.

4. If you were an intelligence agency, how would you get all hackers, hactivists, computer freaks, criminals and other activists under one roof? Giving them a semi legal, extremely safe virtual cryptocurrency would certainly draw them in. Each computer user appreciate the safety. Safety is always essential. If this is the mission, this is certainly a successful and sophisticated setup. This setup is supported with false operations like Mt.Gox seizure by Homeland Security and others. MtGox seizure actually helped bitcoin, just as the Bernanke announcement about bitcoins in public. All that announcement was is a seriously sophisticated propaganda campaign. It is a smart scenario which may lead to arresting not only the Silk Road owner and users but hacktivists, opponents of  monetary systems, human rights activists, environmental activists and any related kind of so called terrorists. If they will not be imprisoned they certainly will be enlisted and further controlled by agencies.

5. It is an easy thing is say "conspiracy". Everything secret can be a conspiracy. But, let's stop an think about it. Maybe I am not right. I might be right partially. Answer my question rationally. Is this a ploy by the Intelligence community to have us gather together, like cattle?

I wish you all to remain Safe and Sound.


P.S. This article could be corrected by invisible hand of the agency, too. :))) and

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